Founded in 2005 by Alison Pothier, Inside Out Retreats was first located in Richmond-Upon-Thames, London, England.  Hidden down a historic cobblestone lane, Alison called Inside Out Retreats a soul nourishment center ... a place to feed one's soul.  Whether through retail therapy, holistic treatments, workshops, concerts or events, Inside Out Retreats' mission was to support all those on a journey back to their authentic self.  Today, we have outgrown our walls to spread our wings further afield, yet our purpose remains the same ...

to actualize the authentic self.

The name "Inside Out Retreats" and its logo appeared in a dream ... just after Alison had written a poem for her sister's wedding that she called "From the Inside Out".  Soon realizing that the poem's sentiments applied not only to those getting married, but to everyone, Alison made the poem her ethos, printed it on a bookmark and handed it out to all who entered.  Therein, the name Inside Out Retreats was born.

“For when the horizon overwhelms and fills you up with doubt, don’t look for your tools from the outside in, look from the inside out.”
— Alison Pothier

Easter 2005

For spirit to fully materialize, sometimes you have to run more than one marathon.
— A Pothier

It was Good Friday, March 25th, 2005.  Alison had just run seventeen miles around Richmond Park in training for the London Marathon when Peggy O'Hare, the owner of Presence and Presents, a holistic bookstore and gift shop ahead of its time, asked her to run the extra mile.  Peggy had invited Alison to meet that evening, but opening the door, literally asked Alison to "quickly run to the shops before they closed" ... to feed their souls ahead of their life-changing conversation.

A little haven with a big idea, Presence and Presents believed in "being the change" it wanted to see in the world.  Having paid host for years to friends and now-renowned authors such as Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Diana Cooper and many more spiritual visionaries, Peggy was ready to hand over the torch.  That night, she invited Alison to fulfill her own dream and vision by purchasing Presence and Presents and evolving its journey forward. 

The problem was that earlier that day, Alison had accepted an offer to return to the city as the investment banker she had become.  Sure, she had dreamed since childhood of running a center dedicated to all she loved and aspired to be.  She had told her friends all about it back then, but as an adult, it seemed idealistic and impractical. 

Facing two career choices - one an investment in her material future and the other, her spiritual future, Peggy urged, "Do both."  On Easter morning, Alison chose 'both' ... in parallel. 

A foot in BOTH worlds


For three years, Alison worked full time (around the clock).  By day, she was an in investment banker - running an acquisition as COO and Managing Director in the business of Futures and Options.  By night and on weekends, she was at Inside Out Retreats, evolving into coach, healer and spiritual entrepreneur helping others grappling with their own futures and options to express their true selves in the world ... while she was learning to do the same. 

Time stretched as her world began to expand. 



In 2008, following a dream which said she would soon be "getting out of the frying pan into the fire to return her to the essence of her true soul", Alison resigned from investment banking to enter into a full-time commitment to her vision for her 'future and the options' most aligned to her heart.

Setting the stage for speakers, musicians, writers and visionaries from around the globe, offering treatments that supported a 360 degree process of personal transformation and establishing an Academy of workshops and training in personal and spiritual development, Inside Out Retreats made a significant difference from its tiny lighthouse.

then the caterpillar became the butterfly.



In 2015, Alison returned to the USA to be with her mother as she passed.  The choice marked another opportunity to expand Inside Out Retreats (and herself) beyond the limitation of walls, venue and location.  Eventually settling into Malibu, California, Alison and new husband Jules, joined forces to expand the Inside Out Retreats footprint ... globally. 

Still offering inspirational workshops, events and treatments, Inside Out Retreats continues its mission to support all of those on a journey back to their authentic self.  Additionally, Inside Out Retreats now offers remote retreats around the world and has launched its own production arm for the purpose of delivering inspirational content for today's conscious audience.

From the inside out, there is freedom
From the inside out, there is peace
From the inside out, there is always hope
From the inside out, there is you.
— Alison Pothier