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Our passion is your flight.

Sometimes, in our lives and careers, we stop to align the who we are with what we are being. At the crossroads, our desire for fulfillment and purpose feels like an insatiable hunger ... a void inside crying out to be fed.  Stifled by circumstance, fear and perceived limitation, we begin to seek inspiration, expression, growth, expansion, … healing ... and transformation

Maybe you’ve been on a merry-go-round trying to evolve your circumstances while meeting the same outcomes.  Maybe you are evaluating your dreams, legacy and the impact you always wanted to make on this world. Maybe you have been trying to shed the burden of old circumstances to birth new possibilities.

Regardless of the catalyst for change, the desire for fulfillment leads us to a crossroads, because ...

Sometimes, we are simply ready to fly. 

Intuitive Coaching & Counsel

At Inside Out Retreats, our transformational coaching sessions help you to explore your wings ... what clips them and how to set them free.  Intuitively guided, our coaching style promotes self-empowerment through self-awareness.  Each session explores what you already know, what you didn't know you knew and what else you might need to know to free your flight.  A precise and insightful conversation combining traditional dialogue with guided visualization, we help you recognize and reconcile conscious and subconscious beliefs, emotional patterns and triggers to create a path to new outcomes. 

change begins with a single step.

Intuitive Healing

At Inside Out Retreats, our guided healing sessions help you to shed your burden ... to free yourself to your dreams and aspirations.  Intuitively guided, our energy healing sessions promote alignment and emotional freedom.  Each session is relaxing while building awareness, freeing stuck emotions and reconciling cellular memories that can otherwise impede energy pathways. Aligning energy, emotion, spiritual beliefs and mental frameworks, these sessions are powerful in manifesting new outcomes and freeing forward momentum. 

Energy flows through letting go.

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A single session may be all you need to fly. 

Whether addressing a specific concern or seeking support for a longer journey, we offer flexible pricing and packages to meet your needs. 

  • Single (Ad Hoc) Session

  • 5-Session Package (taken within 3-months)

  • 12-Week Journey

  • Annual Package (Weekly)(Fortnightly)(Monthly)

From the comfort of your space at a time that works for you, we coach global clients seven days a week via Skype and Facetime. Hands-on energy healing sessions can be arranged in person or remotely guided via video conference.

On your own perch, in your own time.

The value of coaching lies as much in self-discovery as it does in the end result.
— Alison Pothier