Your Story, Your Legacy

At Inside Out Retreats, we believe not only in healing your story, but also inspiring others with it.  Whether professional or personal, for product, posterity or legacy, we can film, edit and visually produce your story.

  • Product Back-Story
  • Company Back-Story
  • Family Legacy Story
  • Crowd Funding Story
  • Entrepreneurial Story
  • Personal Profile Story

A sample production

Gosia Reed

Founder, Goshas Organics & ODNOVA

Produced by Inside Out Retreats, Malibu, CA

When Gosia approached Jules to capture her personal story and how it inspired her to develop ODNOVA, she said she believed in his intuitive ability to help her to express her authentic heart.  Telling our stories can be a vulnerable process ... one that requires us to be able to trust the heart of the interviewer as much as our own. 

At Inside Out Retreats, we believe that authenticity is not learned, it is embodied.  Recognizing that an authentic story resonates truth, we believe in capturing the heart and soul in the way it is told.       

Authenticity is not learned, it is embodied.
— Alison Pothier