Inspiring Creativity

As film director, writer, producer and aerial cinematographer, Inside Out Retreats' Director, Jules Williams brought to life the inspirational stories of ten local characters told through the lens and love of Malibu itself.  Legacy stories of courage, creativity, nature and community, each message expresses the heartbeat of a whole community.   A microcosm of our communal world, this short-form docu-series was gifted to the City of Malibu by its filmmakers, Jules Williams and Jay Armitage trading as 27 Mile Films.

Episode 1: 

John Clarity

Delve into the story of John Clarity who spent 5 years as creator and custodian of an amazing transformational and living work of art.  Speaking about his connection to the Malibu community, he shares how his journey called him to this special place.

Episode 2:

Leigh McCloskey

Local artist, actor and visionary, Leigh McCloskey, spent the past 15 years creating a spectacular three-dimensional work of art inside his home depicting what he calls,  The Hieroglyph of the Human Soul.

Episode 3: 

Dave Bassett

Meet grammy nominee, Dave Bassett, co-writer and producer of Elle King's Ex's and Oh's and Rachel Platten's Fight Song.  Dive into the story behind the talented musician and music producer whose universal creativity is inspired by nature and spirit.

Episode 4: 

Skylar Caputo

Pepperdine University, Beach volleyball student, Skylar Caputo believes Malibu offers her a 'home court' advantage.  Playing barefoot in the sand beside the ocean on Zuma Beach, she believes she has the 'heart of the wind' on her side.

Episode 5: 

Khalil Rafati

When Khalil Rafati, founder of Sunlife Organics, moved to Los Angeles in the 1990s, he had it all.  Working with Hollywood movie stars and legendary rock musicians, he slowly found his way into the dark underbelly of the City of Angels ... until the love of a community lighted his way out.

Episode 6: 

David Ashwell

David Ashwell trained as a Graphic Designer at Kingston College of Art in his native Britain. A Commercials Director, he made more than 800 TV commercials in over 30 countries winning awards in Europe and the US ... but it is his love for painting that truly inspires his canvas.

Episode 7: 

Mati Waiya

Mati Waiya is a revered Chumash ceremonial elder upholding traditional ancestral heritage and customs whilst representing very current and relevant concerns for our world and environment.  His message is powerful and pertinent.

Episode 8:

Mitch Taylor

Life-long surfer and Malibu local, Mitch Taylor, has a deep respect and appreciation for the ocean ... and its power of acceptance. 

The Documentary

(50 min)

Capturing the interwoven tales of ten Malibu locals, this hour long documentary is a love story reflecting the power and heartbeat of a community surrounded and inspired by nature.