Alison Pothier

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Intuitive . Coach . Energy Healer . Writer . Facilitator . filmmaker


Founder of Inside Out Retreats, Alison Pothier has featured alongside world visionaries such as Sir Richard Branson, Archbishop Desmond TuTu, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jack Canfield and others in the Choice Point Movie.  

An extraordinarily unique coach, Alison combines her experience as a Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer in investment banking with her skills as a highly intuitive coach and energy practitioner.  She works with clients going through periods of change, transition and personal transformation. 

Working with conscious and subconscious constructs and contributors, Alison helps clients to identify repeating life patterns, understand the beliefs that frame them and reconcile emotions in order to create new outcomes for themselves ... by working from the inside out

Passionate about authenticity, Alison launched an "Academy of the Inner Self" dedicated to the restoration and recovery of one's sense of personal identity - their original self - through intuition (self-trust), expression (self-confidence), emotion (self-awareness), energy (self-belief) and aspiration (self-fulfillment).

A native of Massachusetts, Alison lived in London for twenty years before returning to the USA.  Now living in Malibu, CA, Alison writes, hosts retreats, makes inspirational films and coaches clients around the world.

Jules Williams

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Intuitive . Coach . Past Life Healer . Writer . director . filmmaker


A lifelong intuitive, Jules Williams combines his intuition with his passion for emotional clarity.  Focusing his gifts on helping people to understand and overcome their emotional history and its imprint, he dedicates his work to helping people reconcile and rewrite their stories. 

Working with both conscious and subconscious patterning, Jules helps clients to identify and overcome challenges rooted deep within their history that are limiting their present and future potential. 

Having maintained a successful coaching practice at the Hale clinic in London and in the Costwolds in the UK, Jules has authored a book called "The Weigh Forward" addressing the subconscious emotional patterns impacting one's ability to lose or gain weight.  Consolidating years of experience as a trainer, healer and intuitive, the application of its wisdom and teachings are further reaching than weight. 

Jules directed, produced and creatively edited three seasons (comprised of 35 episodes) of a television series called "Living the Life" for Sky Arts Showcase as well as a Channel 4 acclaimed documentary on Britain’s national acting treasure, Leslie Phillips called, ‘Hello: A Portrait of Leslie Phillips’.

A native of Wales in the United Kingdom, Jules is now living in Malibu, CA where he is coaching global clients, writing, producing and directing.